Things You Should Consider Before Buying or Adopting a New Puppy

Things You Should Consider Before Buying or Adopting a New Puppy

Things You Should Consider Before Buying or Adopting a New PuppySo you are thinking about getting a new puppy.

Well, first things first, there’s one question you need to ask yourself:

“Do you have the time?”


Puppies, consume ALL of your time. Back in December, when I got my new puppy (FIRST puppy, and FIRST dog for that matter) I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Of course I did plenty of research and reading about taking care of a new puppy and what it would entail, but no amount of reading could’ve prepared me for the actual thing.
Before you start following my puppy adventures, please keep in mind, that I can only speak from my own experience. Every animal is unique and has it’s own individual personality just like us humans. But often, the breed of your dog can help predict a little bit of what’s to come, and let me tell you, my little 8 week old Boston Terrier WAS-A-HANDFUL! Much like a human baby, everything is new, and everything is for the taking (chewing, burying, chewing, smelling, chewing, pooping, chewing & eating, chewing, and CHEWING). They’re babies, they don’t know any better. Watching them every second of every day isn’t watching them enough. One second they’re next to you sleeping, the next they are jumping off the walls and vacuuming up everything in their path like a turbo charged doggy roomba.

Most professionals will tell you to clear your schedule for the first week or two after bringing your new puppy home. I feel this couldn’t be more true. It’s invaluable to use this time helping your new puppy get acclimated with their new environment and to establish a routine for all your new responsibilities.  Your whole life will be rearranged, and for the first 6 months of their little lives, each week seems like a giant milestone, not just for them, but for you and anyone else involved in your life. It was important to me to spend as much quality time with my new puppy as possible so I could get to know him and how he acted and reacted to different scenarios. This really helped set the tone for our relationship moving forward. If you can afford to invest this precious time, during the first few weeks, you’ll easily start to anticipate any bad behavior before it even happens. Like when they’re searching for a place to do their business inside the house. Although nobody can possibly foresee the particular warning signs your dog will give off, you’ll quickly begin to develop your own personal form of communication with them. It’s important to learn from them and be there to teach them every little step along the way. I plan to write more about the fun times I’ve had and the success I’ve achieved while training my own dog, so please subscribe to my email list, so you’ll always get a reminder when something new is posted.

During the day you spend so much time with your puppy, play with them, feed them, hold them, pet them and bask in their adorable cuteness. When they fall asleep for a brief 5 minute power nap you’ll be tip toeing around the house, because, FINALLY you’ll have a much needed second for a pee or snack break. At first its a FULL time job. They are crazy, they are smart, they are stupid, they are relentless. But the thing to remember is, they are puppies. It will get easier as they slowly but surely start to behave. But all of that depends on only one person… YOU…

So I ask you again,

“Do YOU have the spare time to take care of this new puppy that you are thinking about getting?”

– Tajia

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