The Denver Frenchie Meetup

The Denver Frenchie Meetup

October 28th 2018 was full of butt-sniffs, cork tailed wags, and short nosed snorting. Denver Pet Pics was happy to attend this overwhelmingly cute gathering of so many local french bulldogs. We tired to say hello to all the humans as we made our rounds of meeting and taking photos of all the doggos. But in case we missed you, we’d like to let you know about our special discount for event attendees. Use the promo code “PARDONMYFRENCHIE” when you book your first photo session with us online. You’ll save $28 off any photo session. We’d be THRILLED to see you all again and host you in our professional studio which is fully enclosed and stocked with yummy treats. We’ll capture ANY photo idea you have and personalize everything from clothing style, poses, props, colors, and magazine style editing. Your imagination is your only limit, and ANYTHING is possible. Have a look at some of our other client’s for some inspiration.



Check out some of our past fuzzy clients


Here are the of photos we managed to capture get amongst the mass cuteness of this past Frehchie meet up.



Note to the humans: You are more than welcome to “save” your pups photos.
All we ask is that you be a nice human and tag us social medias @denverpetpics.





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