CURATE apartments -Pet Photos event

CURATE apartments -Pet Photos event

Thank you all who came to the event Saturday February 4th, I had a blast photographing all your fuzzy children and meeting you all!

If you would like to view all the photos of your pup please reach out to me. I’m positive I have more photos of your pet that I can edit for you.

To grab your photos, just open the image and save them to your computer or device.

I just want to mention, if you wouldn’t mind giving us a follow on Instagram, and tagging us in the photo if you post them. @denverpetpics

Let us know if you would like to book a session with us, we have a studio full of treats and less distractions than a pup event, and all the patients in the world to get more amazing shots of your pups.

Hope you love the photos as much as we do!

View our official website here

Photo booth photos!

if you need further help grabbing your photos please feel free to email me me at

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