3 easy ways to help transition your pup into Fresh Daily meals

3 easy ways to help transition your pup into Fresh Daily meals


Transitioning your pup into Fresh Daily meals

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There is a growing discussion lately about what and how you should feed your dog. My other blog posts should give you an indication of what my thoughts are about the matter, and I’m not trying to make you feel like a bad pet parent for your choices. I’m simply trying to open your mind to the possibility if you so choose to take the fresh food or even raw diet route for your doggo’s.

So first things first, Transitioning your dog to a fresh food lifestyle. If you have been feeding your dog dry food for years it will be best to slowly add in a few things to their daily meals so that their bodies can get accustom to the change. a great company to help you with this change is¬†The Farmers Dog¬†They have great recipies for the dogs already eating fresh at home, and sell pre mix nutrient packs to add the right things to your meals at home, but for the busy dog parents who would love to make meals but don’t have to time to cook two meals a day for their dog The Farmers Dog can be that time saver, they will make your dog freshly packaged food personalized by you for your dog, and send it right to your door step.

When I transitioned Ricky to fresh food I was constantly Google’ing things dogs can and can’t eat, but even with a simple search in google you have to be aware that maybe your pup might not do well with certain foods, so best to keep and eye on them when you feed them something new.



Here is something that I put together for you that maybe you would like to try.

Start with your pups normal kibble, and over a few days start with about half of what you would normally feed them, then 2-3 days later down to a fourth of their normal amount of kibble for another 2-3 days,  then add some boiled chicken, rice, string beans (you can buy fresh, however I found that over a year of feed my dog fresh meals two times a day is cheaper to buy frozen and defrost and cook the frozen veggies before feeding), red bell pepper, few leaves of spinach, a sprinkle of basil. Also, I always add about a one fourth of a teaspoon of fish oil. This is great in helping your pups get a smooth and shiny coat, and can also help their joints, which is FANTASTIC for older dogs!

during the transition feel free to try other foods but keep the changes light, and be sure to keep the kibble as part of the main consistent  ingredient.





Here is a simple nutritious DIY recipe off The Farmers Dog site,

Ground beef
Organ meat -liver, chopped/ground (be prepared this causes smelly toots)
sweet potato
vegetables -kale carrots etc. (dogs, like humans can’t process corn, so less corn the better)
legumes (lentils)
saddler oil (1tbs)

Click here for a more detailed instructions on this DIY and optional things you can add to this or any meal you make for your pups.




And last but not least…

Like I mentioned earlier, The farmers dog will send you pre made meals, made with human grade food straight to your door. ¬†They will send you Two weeks worth of food and give you simple instructions on how you can transition your dog from eating kibble into eating fresh healthy food. They offer a guarantee that your dog will be so in love with these meals, that in the RARE chance that they don’t, you can send the meals back, or ¬†even better, to a local charity or shelter and they will send a different recipe for your dog to try or opt to recieve a refund. So, If feeding your dog fresh meals is something you are interested in or just interested in trying, I share with you the insanely easy alternative to cooking your dogs meals 1-2 times a day, geared towards the loving but hard and busy working dog moms and dads.

And to make this idea even more amazing,  The Farmers dog and I would like to offer you 50% off your first order.







Please keep in mind that not all dogs are created the same, some are big some are small, some have allergies and some just straight up don’t like certain foods… before starting your dog on a fresh diet be sure to do your research on how many calories your breed of dog should maintain on a day to day, not all recipes you find online are created with YOUR dog in mind. Like, if your dog goes wild in the garden running around all day or goes on daily hikes, they will probably require more food and more protein in their diet compared to a the lazy and professional napper. ¬†This is going to be a learning experience for you and your pup, so make sure to keep an eye out for changes in their behavior (good is great, but not all changes in behaviors are good) make sure they are doing their normal business and take note of things they may not agree with for future meals. Don’t forget to GOOGLE before feeding your doggies something new that you are not absolutely sure they can eat. And for the skeptical dog parents out there, your vet can do an allergy test to find out trigger foods and other things that may cause a bad reaction with your dog.

Happy eating!

Be sure to comment your experiences, questions, and/or concerns.

?- Dog mama

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