Fibs a Kibble

Fibs a Kibble

What are you feeding your doggo?

Between friends and Veterinarians I’ve been getting either surprised faces or squinty confused looks concerning what goes in my dogs gullet. There’s been a lot of debate as of late, to what and how we feed our doggo’s and I know there is a huge portion of the dog mum (and dad) population that believe in the vitality of feeding your pups fresh and/or raw food. I’m not here to tell you wether you are right or wrong in what you do, but to give you a taste of what you may be feeding your dog, and hopefully start a healthy discussion on the topic of fresh food VS. kibble.

“It’s KIBBLE, bitch…”

But frist… a little bit of history.

Before the industrial revolution began, dogs were more wild than the dogs we know and love today. Roaming the grounds of their owners and mostly fending for themselves when it came to meals. Eating whatever their owners had to spare, to eating dead horse or eating other dead animals. But when the make of shapley metals and machinery came to fruition meat got canned with the idea of making pre-made meals for your companion. The need was there, and thus pre packaged dog food was born.

Little (un)fun fact; Years ago, when wet dog food was first created, there was just one main canned food company and the slaughtering of horses was at an all time high with over 50,000 horses killed per year.

Fast forward some years to 1941 and WWII, there was a shortage in raw metals needed for guns, bullets, and canned food for our soldiers. A change was needed from the canned dog food industry in order to meet the needs of the war effort. A new form of dog food emerged which primary goal was to mimic the “milk bone biscuits” which the pet community was already familiar with. This new invention was called kibble. A dry, pre-processed, food, intended to provide nourishment for our domestic dogs. The creation of kibble seemed revolutionary at the time. Not only was feeding your dog easier, but the cost was dramatically cheaper. This new “healthy” way of feeding your pets swept the nation.

Since the creation of kibble, new health problems have caught us by surprise. Overall, dogs in America are vastly malnourished and the life expectancy has been decreased, giving rise to an massive veterinary medicine industry. That’s not to say, all animal health problems are caused by feeding dry kibble, because many other factors including environment and genetics play a large role as well. But it’s become obvious and scientifically proven that dry, processed, filler packed, chemical infused, dog “food” pebbles are creating health problems worldwide.

Since the creation of dry dog food, several companies have been accused and sued for tricking consumers into poisoning their pets with unregulated and unhealthy ingredients with advertising that promises a long/healthy shelf life. Their unethical business practices include absurd claims without any evidence or substantial science behind them. Company’s have been banking on cleaver marking tactics such as bright and friendly packaging and cute irresistible dog photos featured on their packaging. The advertisements are designed to pull at your heart strings while using trendy keywords like “organic”, “fresh”, and “natural” to sell pre-packaged CRAP.

Just for a moment, think of how you would feel eating the same dried up, brown crunchy balls, day in and day out, for the rest of your life. Your body would not only crave change, but it would crave something fresh. It would crave nutrients, and to me, anything to come out of a can or a box, does not scream healthly.

Now, many generations of dogs have been surviving solely on this dried up, pre-packaged dog food, and have had a full life. It’s true, your dog can survive only on dried dog food, there’s no doubt about that. I will not dispute this fact. However, I want to open your eyes to the possibility of a better life for your dog by feeding them fresh food. A healthy lifestyle for your dog will result in a healthier and longer life. The nutrients your dog will get from eating fresh will vastly help with their day-to-day lives, whether it be from more protein, fresh fish, or even to the fresh carrots to help with the health of their eyes. The many benefits your dog will gain from eating healthier are guaranteed to result in a longer more healthy life, filled with lots of cuddles and more love from your dogs (if it was even possible).

So, for myself and the life of my pup, I can’t stand here and solely feed my dog organic, fresh, all natural, nutritious dry pebbles of lies. I have to own up to the fact that this animal, this living being, is my responsibility and they’re looking to me to take care of them to give them the best life I can provide. It’s up to us to do what’s best for our pets, and to me, that’s not feeding them something I wouldn’t eat myself.

Through thick and thin, these dogs are here for us, they’ll love us unconditionally no matter what we feed them.

…But do you believe and love what you’re feeding your dog?

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